pharm-analyt Labor GmbH

pharm-analyt Labor GmbH

BioMedConsult & pharm-analyt Labor GmbH a Goal Cooperation

pharm-analyt is a bioanalytical service provider, founded in 1986, in Baden/Vienna (Austria).  They are the perfect partner for very sensitive and selective assays with their major focus on GxP polymer bioanalysis, achieving low LLOQs and GMP release analysis with HPLC-MS/MS. Besides tandem mass spectrometry they also use UPLC and UV-, FL- and ELS-detection.

Our Goal

is to satisfy the constantly increasing global demand for experts in “BIOANALYSIS” who also have the expertise and capacities to be able to meet high expectations. The colleagues from pharm-analyt who are constantly expanding their knowledge, technical equipment and customer relations are supported by “BMC”. BMC in turn contribute their expertise in these segments to know and identify in global B2B, B2C business relationships the needs and requirements of the target clients in order to achieve the desired goals.