Your Vision Is Our Mission.

Our business principles are strong devoted to both the partners & clients to find a solution to their needs to provide effective concepts that solve the problem in the fastest & possible way. You can be assured that the support to the clients organization offered the very best in service, professionalism, and dedication to success of one thing.

Our company is committed to serve its partners and clients at any time with top quality and optimum science-, application- & service support.

We are continuously optimising & improving our business principles as to don’t miss our great attaches & to its partner and customer relationships.

Consultancy Services & Network Locations


Pharma (GMP, GLP, GCP, GxP) We are providing expert support and advice for pharmaceutical and biotechnological testing from the early...
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Clinical Diagnostics & Central Laboratories

Clinical Diagnostics & Central Laboratories (GLP, GCP) We work together with diagnostic companies (manufacturer and supplier), central - & clinical...
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Medical Products & Devices

Medical Products & Devices (GMP, GLP, ISO, IEC 17025)   If in the stage of development or approval of medical...
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Product Development

Product Development We assist our customers within our high expertise & knowledge in the field of laboratory systems and consumables...
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Life Science Networking & Partnering

Life Science Networking & Partnering Providing business development and strategic planning within the life sciences community.  Leading efforts to identify,...
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