Featured Partner

Clear Solutions Laboratories

Clear Solutions Laboratories , a CRO in Biopharma, headquartered in Basel, providing solutions to eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies in technical biotech drug development and manufacturing by integrating analytical consultancy and analytical testing services – Integrated Analytical Services. Their core expertise is  in particle control strategies (visible and sub-visible particles), excipient (Polysorbate) degradation & E&L.

OUR Goal

is to satisfy the constantly increasing global demand for experts in the field of “Contract Research Organisations” which also have the expertise and capacities to be able to meet the high expectations of the clients with their “Integrated Analytical Services”.

We as a “Partner” support “Clear Solutions Laboratories” expanding their customer relations with our comprehensive & high level     expertise in their Core Science and International Network. We intensify & increase together the relationship to the industry and academic centres to meet the needs and requirements of the target clients to achieve the desired goals.

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