(GMP, GxP)

We are providing expert support and advice for pharmaceutical and

biotechnological testing from the early to the late phase stage until

the product lounge. Through analysis, evaluation and interpretation

of project data, BMC helps to find the best solution for operative testing partner.

We obtain & maintain the project across all stages.

R&D Support
Contract Development & Manufacturing Support
GMP & GLP Analytical Testing Support
Pre-Clinical , Clinical-Trial & Clinical-Trial-Supply Management Support

Laboratory Automation & Organization
Product Launch

B2B Support

Medical Products & Devices


If in the stage of development or approval of medical products & devices

the health technology continues to create breakthroughs. We are

assisting our clients to push boundaries to explore the human needs

for a better understanding of the health care role in the life science.

Application & Scientific Support

Technical Support

Project Management

B2B Support

Clinical Diagnostics & Central Laboratories


We work together with diagnostic companies (manufacturer and supplier),

central - & clinical testing laboratories, clinical R&D providing them solutions

to increase their diagnostic reagents & instrument performance for

reliability & quality of their results.

Application & Scientific Support

Technical Support

Project Management

Laboratory Automation & Organization

B2B Support

Life Science Networking & Partnering

Providing business development and strategic planning within the life sciences community.  Leading efforts to identify, analyse, close and implement new strategic opportunities & business to assist the customer to grow within preservation of results through partnering.

B2B Business Support

Product Development

We assist our customers within our high expertise & knowledge in the field of laboratory systems and consumables by identifying of the marked needs.

New Product Strategy  --> Idea Generation Screening --> Concept Testing -->

                                                                Business Analysis --> Product Development -->  Market Testing --> Commercialisation

Network Locations

Central-, South-, and South-Eastern Europe

Middle & Far East

East & Russia
North & South America

North Africa

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